He who has health has hope,
And he who has hope has everything.

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A message from Kelly:

If you are familiar with an overactive “critter brain” you know that trying anything new is terrifying. The first night I used Vetiver on the bottom of my feet, I worried that I wouldn’t wake up - lol. To be fair, it is nicknamed “the sedative oil”. To my surprise, I relaxed into a peaceful sleep.

Over the next several months, I experimented with many calming oils, getting to know how my body responded and what provided the most relief. Now, it is my passion to share that knowledge with others. No one should have to suffer the out of control, death-is-looming-around-every-corner feelings.

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A message from Corey:

When Kelly first started using essential oils and going to yoga classes, I was resentful. Here I was, trying to keep the family together while she was off galavanting around with a new tribe of people, bringing home a new perspective on life. I thought I was doing the right thing, but I felt like I was being left behind. As it turns out, I was just afraid of change. Instead of being the family provider/protector, Kelly needed me to support her in finding her independence. That was/is a HUGE transition for me.  

Our natural state of being is vibrant health and days filled with passion, joy, and purpose.

Have Everything

 I’m so glad doterra is part of my life. I’ve met many great people through this journey who are also looking for natural ways to improve their health. All of us on the To Your Health Essentials team have great tips to share which makes using essential oils a great 
part of more natural daily living.

—Marissa Bakermans

Essential oils are part of everyday life for my family. From the first day Kelly gave me Breathe that cleared up a relentless cough, I was hooked with curiosity to learn about natural solutions. Whether easing a belly ache, soothing sore muscles, relieving a headache, promoting restful sleep or building confidence, we have an oil for every need. Kelly is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping others find natural ways to tackle life.

—Kim Totaro

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