You must leave your comfort zone in order to grow

• have an unhealthy body
• feel unhappy 
• have a negative outlook
• wish you had more time to
  be the parent/spouse/friend    you want to be 
• have financial struggles

• have an unhealthy body
• feel unhappy 
• have a negative outlook
• wish you had more time to be the
• parent/spouse/friend you want to be 
• have financial struggles

Imagine what it will feel like to be empowered to be in control of all aspects of your health:
physical, emotional, relational, financial and more...

...To no longer

Move from Uncertainty to Confidence

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Step Into Confidence:
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Just a couple of years ago, we were a traditional 2 job family; propelling through life without design, without much control, and losing touch with ourselves and each other. Stress was mounting, anxiety was building. Our lifestyle was eating us alive and tearing us apart.  

Since then, we have found natural solutions to empower our health both physically and emotionally. We have redesigned our lifestyles so we can live, work, and parent together and we have found purpose that fills our lives with meaning.

We are here to help you “Have Everything”

Essential oils are part of everyday life for my family. From the first day Kelly gave me Breathe that cleared up a relentless cough, I was hooked with curiosity to learn about natural solutions. Whether easing a belly ache, soothing sore muscles, relieving a headache, promoting restful sleep or building confidence, we have an oil for every need. Kelly is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping others find natural ways to tackle life.

—Kim Totaro

 I’m so glad doterra is part of my life. I’ve met many great people through this journey who are also looking for natural ways to improve their health. All of us on the To Your Health Essentials team have great tips to share which makes using essential oils a great 
part of more natural daily living.

—Marissa Bakermans

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—Jane Doe

I was scared of essential oils, but then again, I was scared not to try them. Night after night, I awakened with sweat covered sheets, heart pounding, and in a brain space of full-blown-I’m-going-to-die-panic. Screaming and moaning, pacing and crying. No relief but to ride the wave until I was so exhausted, I crawled back into bed, and empty shell.

Then, one night was different. That night, I found myself on the bathroom floor thinking that I just needed this horrible, out of control feeling to stop. I was thinking how I would do anything just to get it to stop. That thought, looping through my head, terrified me. I had lost hope. 

So, I stepped out of my comfort zone. That may sound like a strange way to phrase getting the medical attention that I needed and signing up for a yoga class, and trying essential oils, but you know what? I had gotten comfortable with anxiety being an excuse. It kept me safe. I didn’t have to go new places, talk to new people, or try new things. I could curl up in a ball in the dark under my covers and hide from the world. 

Now, if you are familiar with an overactive “critter brain” you know that trying anything new is terrifying. The first night I used Vetiver on the bottom of me feet, I worried that I wouldn’t wake up - lol. To be fair, it is nicknamed “the sedative oil”. To my surprise, I relaxed into a peaceful sleep. Over the next several months, I found health and hope again. I experimented with many calming oils, getting to know how my body responded and what provided the most relief. Now, it is my passion to share that knowledge with others. No one should have to suffer the out of control, death-is-looming-around-every-corner feelings. Now that I am healthy and whole again, I am on a mission to guide others to a place of health and hope.

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